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Beacon Cancer Care is proud to offer participation in clinical research trials to our patients. We believe that making this option available to patients is an important component of ensuring that we are providing the highest level of care.

Our research team is headed up by Dr. Brian Samuels. Dr. Samuels has been participating in oncology clinical research for over 30 years. He has participated in dozens of cancer clinical trials and has been the principal investigator in three nationwide studies.

Our goal is to bring an increasing number and range of clinical trials to Beacon over the next several years. We are also excited to work closely with the MultiCare Institute for Research & Innovation to help bring the latest clinical trials for our consideration and to facilitate our oversight and supervision of these trials.

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A Few Notes About Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are not for everyone, and they are not necessarily appropriate for every patient's clinical situation. However, they do offer the possibility of being able to receive innovative and cutting-edge therapies before these treatments are approved by the FDA for general use in the United States.

Generally speaking, clinical trials provide important information about the effectiveness of new cancer treatments. Standard medical care is designed to help the patient; care provided in a clinical trial does this as well, but it also allows medical scientists to learn more about the disease and possible treatment options. Ultimately, clinical trials help develop improved treatments, and patients enrolled in clinical trials have the opportunity to be the first to benefit from these improvements as they are identified. 

All of the drugs and treatments that we now use in the routine care of cancer patients were studied and developed in previous clinical trials. Without clinical trials and without the subjects who are willing to enroll in these trials, our treatments for cancer would never improve. As you consider whether or not participating in a clinical research trial is something that you would like to do, there is much that you need to know and learn about. Beacon is here to provide you additional information about clinical trials and walk you the process of what participation in a trial might look like.

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