Our Services

Providing patient-focused, compassionate care

Beacon Cancer Care offers a full spectrum of services that are intended to work together to give each patient a personalized roadmap as to how they are going to treat the cancer after diagnosis. It doesn’t take only one thing to recover and move on from beating cancer. We understand that as important that the actual treatment is, that many other aspects go into moving forward from having cancer.

All patients will receive treatment from a professional oncologist. Their treatment will be closely monitored and if any questions should arise, an oncologist will be able to answer their questions. There’s no complicated medical vocabulary. Just the facts you need to feel in control and make confident, informed decisions about your treatment and how to move forward.

Beacon Cancer Care understands the trust necessary for patients to choose their providers. That is why we are so passionate about offering services from diagnosis/counseling, to screening and treatment, and preventative health wellness. Our belief is that it takes a full spectrum of wellness in order to move forward.