Patient Testimonials

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Diane K.

The CDA ( and beyond ) area is so fortunate to have Dr. David Bartels and his outstanding team lead the charge at Beacon Cancer Care. Just when one thinks a parasite like cancer will never happen to you, it then - suddenly - does. And when that does happen, the best in class doctor needs to be by your side. We looked around the nation, and then we were introduced to Dr. Bartels. He is the best. One of the top 1% . He is brilliant, focused, progressive in his research, looking what’s possible in the future not just the past. In addition, Dr. Bartels is compassionate, kind and caring with each of his patients. What a blessing for us. Dr Bartels’ reputation is exemplary. I highly recommend Dr Bartels to all who need - who will! - beat this disease.

Anna L.

Dr. Bartels is amazingly compassionate and extremely knowledgeable! We are fortunate to have him and his practice in our community!

Lori L.

I have been a patient of Dr. Bartels for many years now. He listens to you......really listens to you. He doesn't have blinders on keeping his attention on what the book says - he keeps his attention on the condition of the patient and treats accordingly. I have always received top notch care, and attention to detail with constant professionalism. Cancer is a serious situation, and Dr. Bartels treats it seriously, but with a compassionate human touch.

Loretta G.

Dr Bartels and his staff are such caring loving people your just not a number your loved and care about!

Trudy R.

Amazing people work there and the quality of care is beyond compare!!

Tana L.

Dr. Bartels is compassionate and down to earth as well as being very knowledgeable. I've worked with a number of oncologists, and he's the one I'd choose if needed.